Day Trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor

It all started with a bus ride to the Inner Harbor at 9 in the morning. Delegates boarded the buses for a day of shopping and fun in the sun.

Excitement amongst the students began the moment the bus doors opened to let them off in Baltimore. Events included shopping, sight-seeing, and for some, a trip to Starbucks for the first time. While coming to America might not be a new thing, for some it was.

The second stop on the list seeing the Hubble presentation at John Hopkins University. The delegates were able to see the effects of infrared light. The perception of heat and cool were totally new ideas to them. They were able to stand in front of the camera and see cool points on their bodies and hot points. They were able to even see what ice could do if you wrote with it on a white board or who was holding the ice cup or hot cup of water. It also gave students the time to ask questions regarding the Hubble or any other science related question.

After John Hopkins, buses were boarded again for the final destination of Antietam Recreational Center, where they were allowed to swim, play beach volleyball, football, soccer, or even do zip-lining. It also presented the delegates with time to decompress, hang out with friends, and even eat an American home cooked meal too; that consisted of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, watermelon, baked beans, and pulled pork.

At the end of the day, a little rain, a quiet and cool bus ride home, made for a very fun day. And the delegates prepare for another busy day, the head off to bed.

Samantha Helmold