Sister Schools/Universities

UNESCO Center for Peace Sister Schools Program

Knowing that global prospective can dramatically change the lives of children everywhere on the planet, our Center has developed a Sister School program to partners American schools with a school oversees. The partnership has been an incredible adventure for students in throughout the world.

In order to effectively connect schools, faculty and students throughout the world, it is necessary to build a sustained and supportive relationship. We see the success of this program rooted in long-term partnerships with clear objectives. To ensure the success of the program, we hope that each school can commit to the following:

1.    Every UNESCO Center for Peace partner school will establish an ongoing relationship with their oversee counterpart. As a number of schools in poor and remote countries have no electricity, and therefore no e-mail, some collaboration may be establish through third parties NGO operating near those schools.
2.    Each school will enlist a faculty advisor who is strongly committed to the program and will coordinate its activities.
3.    Each school will complete a school profile that will be sent to partnering school.
4.    Each participating school will nominate a number of student Ambassadors to lead on projects between the two sister schools. Each participating students/Ambassador will complete a personal profile that will be sent to partnering school. Profile should include information on a student’s family, their school, their neighborhood, hobbies, likes and dislikes, extracurricular activities and career plan. Contained in the profile students should include questions for their pen pal to answer.
5.    Ambassadors should communicate or regular bases with major events organized on each of the Country’s National Day and other relevant International Days at least four times a year.
6.    U.S. schools will commit to supporting their oversee partner with poor and limited resources with books and/or other educational materials requested by the sister school when appropriate.
7.    Each participating school will set up a periodic newsletter or information bulletin board in their school to inform other students about the program and the country of the partnered school.
8.    Schools will create a newsletter about the program and distribute to students in their school and other participating America schools. We ask that each school produced four newsletters a year.
9.    Active participation in the yearly Partnership Forum in Washington, DC metro area. Schools will be encouraged to share their successes and seek advice in overcoming any ongoing difficulties. Outstanding achievement of individual schools and students will be recognized by the Center. These will be coordinated in collaboration with the U.S. Institute of Peace, the DOE and the State Department.
10.    During the commemoration of certain International Days such as  the International Human Rights Day,  World Day of Social Justice, the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, International Youth Day, International Day for Peace, awareness campaign and/or a fundraiser should be held  to promote exchange programs and raise awareness on the topic at hand.