World Heritage Educational Tours

The UNESCO Young People’s World Heritage Education Programme (WHE Programme) seeks to encourage and enable tomorrow’s decision-makers to participate in heritage conservation and to respond to the continuing threats facing our heritage.

Launched in 1994, the WHE Programme provides young people with the necessary knowledge, skills, network and commitment to become involved in heritage protection from local to global levels. New pedagogical approaches are developed to mobilize young people to participate actively in the promotion of World Heritage.

Young people learn about World Heritage sites, about the history and traditions of their own and other cultures, about ecology and the importance of protecting biodiversity. They become aware of the threats facing the sites and learn how common international cooperation can help save heritage. Most importantly, they discover how they can contribute to heritage conservation and make themselves heard.

Building on this successful program, UNESCO Center for Peace has partnered with educational institutions in the U.S to design a number of educational tours for the youth, educators and the general public around the network of world heritage sites in the US and Canada titled the U.S. World Heritage Educational Tours (WHET).

In January 2013 the special edition of the U.S. WHET was organized in partnership with the Presidential Inaugural Committee with the participation of 10 students from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The delegation attended the historic The 57th Presidential Inauguration of President Obama and Vice President Biden, visited local government meeting in session (link to attached Citation) and World Heritage Sites in New York, Las Vegas and California.

Pomovah Q. Welwean, delegate from Liberia was featured in a Frederick Newspost article.

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