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Since the reentry of U.S. to UNESCO in 2003, UNESCO Center for Peace has been dedicated to building understanding of and support for the ideals and work of the UN and UNESCO among the American people. It is only with the continued commitment of passionate supporters that we can continue to educate, inspire and mobilize Americans to support the vital work of the United Nations and UNESCO!

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What Membership Means for You

Becoming a member of UNESCO Center for Peace links you to a network of like-minded individuals who collectively promote the work of the UN and UNESCO at the grassroots level. Benefits of joining today include:

  • A network of more than 4000 UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations throughout the world.
  • Educational events, Model UN programs, and meetings with elected leaders to increase knowledge of how the UN and UNESCOU.S. National Commission  makes the world a safer place and improves the lives of people everywhere.
  • The U.S. weekly online newsletter offering information on UNESCO work in the U.S and across the globe.
  • Nationwide Conference Calls with Experts, Educators and UN Experts on Issues such as Global Health, Empowering Women and Girls, and Sustainable Development.


What Your Membership Supports

Thanks to members like you, we held two Model UN sessions annually, meetings with local, state and federal officials, celebrate UN and other International Days; and more than 500 college students engaged as volunteers and conference leaders, and reached over 1,000 middle and high school students in Model UN conferences.

Your Connection to the United Nations

UNESCO Center for Peace wants all Americans to understand the vital work of the United Nations and UNESCO. Membership to UNESCO Center for Peace is your connection to these great organization. As a member, you receive exclusive web content, invitations to events at the United Nations, and the U.S. Department of State, and special programming.
Our members work with their local communities and elected officials to inform, inspire, and mobilize Americans to support the principles and vital work of the UN and UNESCO.