EduSerc (pronounced “ej-u-serk”) stands for Educators Serving the Community. EduSerc is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization that dedicates itself to the development and advancement of youth, adults and the community across the nation. Founded in 1996, the focus of the organization is to build an infrastructure of resources to strategically and creatively address needs in the community that involves education.

EduSerc’s primary directive and core capability is career and professional development. Through our network of corporate and community resources, EduSerc leverages partnerships to streamline community service efforts and enhance the value of corporate initiatives that benefit young people.

The members of the organization are a mixture of college students, young professionals, business employees and business owners. Mr. Brian K. Smith, CEO of EduSerc’s has designed the initiatives and programs to expose its members talents.

Frederick County Public Schools

Education is the foundation of our community. Frederick County Public Schools educates its students to become caring, respectful and responsible citizens and family members. Students look forward to school each day. They take full advantage of the rigorous academic curricula and strive to develop their talents. They utilize the power of technology to explore a world of new ideas and information. They acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve and the confidence to succeed, and are rewarded with a wide choice of offers from higher education and employers. FCPS graduates are exceptional 21st century citizens.

Hood College

Hood College prepares students to excel in meeting the personal, professional and global challenges of the future. Hood is committed to the integration of the liberal arts, the professions and technology, to the exploration of values, a sense of community and to the preparation of students for lives of responsibility, leadership and service.


Hood College offers:

30 major fields of study toward Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees

14 programs of study leading to the Master’s

5 post-baccalaureate certificate programs, and certification programs in education

Integrity International Consulting Group (IICG)

IICG is a management consulting company providing high-quality, strategic solutions to government, private and public sector clients. Integrity performs management consulting services for our clients at an excellent value, focusing on strategic services, customer service, on-time delivery, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

IICG was created with a vision of to be a part of a unique generation of business consultants setting a standard for commitment, trust, and execution. Our company is built on the principle that all business must be “holistically” discerned. Dr. Cheryl Hill’s motto is “Independent thinking and straight talk are the foundation of our “trusted advisor” role with our clients”.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology is a national, technological, Ph.D.-granting research university, with world-renowned programs in engineering, architecture, the sciences, humanities, psychology, business, law, and design.  Founded in 1940 and tracing its roots back to the 1890s with the foundings of Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute, IIT brings a focused, interdisciplinary approach to education, including the Interprofessional Projects Program. With five campuses throughout the Chicago area and alumni around the world, IIT pairs the educational and cultural experiences of America’s Second City with the small feel of an undergraduate population of just over 2300 and total population of just over 7400.

Sahaja Meditation

Sahaja Meditation is a simple, time-honored technique. It helps reduce stress and increase wellness. It brings better focus and helps people become more centered and balanced.

If there is no peace within, can we truly sustain global peace? Humanity has come to realize the importance of self-development and balance especially amongst youth and those in the forefront of science, politics education and arts.

As a UNESCO Center for peace partner, Sahaja Meditation is built to develop, strengthen, and integrate, the human potential, in all aspect. We truly become instruments for peace in our individual countries and around the world.

With Sahaja, one can easily tap into one’s inner-present in each of us-and harness its power to bring holistic balance as well as a true state of peace and mental silence. The experience of silence is tangible and groundbreaking in that it can be achieved over the course of an afternoon! With regular practice, health problems may be eliminated and complete harmony of self with one’s surroundings is possible. It is an indispensible investment in facilitating perfection at almost every level. All classes and workshops are offered free of charge, and anyone can do it.


Solving complex problems requires the collective energy of multiple stakeholders. Shorelight Education convenes government agencies, education institutions, NGOs, and private sector companies to help universities realize their big ideas.

Space Telescope Science Institute


The Hubble Space Telescope (HST)is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to operate a space-based observatory for the benefit of the international astronomical community. HST is an observatory first envisioned in the 1940s, designed and built in the 1970s and 80s, and operational since the 1990. Since its preliminary inception, HST was designed to be a different type of mission for NASA — a long-term, space-based observatory. To accomplish this goal and protect the spacecraft against instrument and equipment failures, NASA planned on regular servicing missions. Hubble has special grapple fixtures, 76 handholds, and is stabilized in all three axes. HST is a 2.4-meter reflecting telescope, which was deployed in low-Earth orbit (600 kilometers) by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-31) on 25 April 1990.

The City of Frederick

The City of Frederick is the hub of arts, culture, commerce and government within Frederick County. Located less than an hour from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD, Frederick is the second largest city in Maryland with 65,000 residents. Frederick offers a balanced and thriving economy, a highly educated workforce, and a quality of life that is nothing short of enviable.

Founded in 1745 by German settlers, Frederick is a city rich in heritage, opportunity, and innovation. Located between the Civil War battlegrounds of Monocacy, Antietam and Gettysburg, Frederick was ransomed from burning during the war and became a hospital town for the wounded soldiers. By the turn of the century Frederick industry was booming, centered on the canning, tanning and knitting industries and deliver product to market via the railroad to Baltimore.

The Heritage School, Dehradun – India

The Heritage School – Dehradun & Education is synonymous. It is one of the few cities in India where some of the renowned Residential Schools are located. Schools like The Doon School, Welham Girls’ High School etc have done the city proud for many years. Many Schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie where founded by the British and over the years have evolved to an ethos of their own.


The Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations (TSMUN) strives to further the understanding of international affairs in middle and high school students. It’s annual conference attracts 250 student leaders from schools throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States. TSMUN is led by its Board of Directors and is a 501-3 (c) Non-Profit Organization.

Universidad Del Pedregal

United States Institute of Peace

USIP is the independent, nonpartisan conflict management center created by Congress to prevent and mitigate international conflict without resorting to violence. USIP works to save lives, increase the government’s ability to deal with conflicts before they escalate, reduce government costs, and enhance our national security.

World Genesis Foundation

The World Genesis Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation committed to a mission to “leave no child without hope for the future.” The foundation works in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and other partners throughout the world in an effort to create opportunities for youth in areas where opportunities may be limited or unavailable today. In 2011 Ms. Heather Caton was elected President and CEO of World Genesis Foundation and is leading the organization into its next generation of growth and expansion.