Builders of the Universe Program:  Regional Model United Nations Conference

The Frederick County Regional Model UN Conference known as RMUN is a joint project of Hood College, the Frederick County Public School and UNESCO Center for Peace. It is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council.
During the RMUN, students participate as diplomats representing a country in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Before attending the conference, they research on their assigned countries to learn more about its history, culture, domestic and foreign policies, and  take on roles as the country diplomat at the UN. They investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems in a form of resolutions.
Throughout committee session delegates are asked to debate the topics at hand such as the 2012 winter GA topic on the ten year review process of the ICC. “Given that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been operational since 2002, it is time for a ten year review process of the Court.  The General Assembly is tasked with examining how the Court has functioned thus far and making recommendations to the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC.”  
At the beginning of each school year, a Model UN Packet is distributed within high schools in the Washington, DC metro area informing school officials and Model UN advisors on the year’s RMUN calendar.
The document outline the year’s Model UN topics, general Information, timeline, general guidelines for Selecting a Nation and other relevant information.
What you are asked to debate in committee session are solutions to the problems associated with each topic. For example, if you are a member of the Security Council and the topic is the Situation (i.e. conflict) in the Syrian crisis, then you will be asked to debate solutions to the civil war that continues to plague that country. Delegates do not debate from their personal viewpoint but rather their country’s point of view. Model U.N. is a great debating exercise that often asked to debate from a point of view that delegates personally may not hold. Once delegates come up with solutions, then they must write them down in what is called a resolution.
A resolution simply states the committee’s proposals in a formal matter. Once a committee completes debate a vote is usually in order for the body to pass the resolution.

RMUN Conference 2014: 10 years of promoting education and awareness of international relations.

The  Regional Model UN Conference celebrates its 10th year anniversary with the largest conference participant size yet. RMUN 2014 Welcomes over 285 students from Frederick, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties, with over 14 schools being represented. Students will be discussing current issues, such as global response to health pandemics and travel protection; refugee crises in the Middle East etc.
Click here for the RMUN 2014 Informational Packet

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