UNESCO Center for Peace Executive Director Guy Djoken attends “R/EVOLUTION”, a global Sahaja event in Paris, France

Frederick, MD – December 8th, 2012, Mr. Guy Djoken, Chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations Working Group and Executive Director of UNESCO Center for Peace joined hundreds of Sahaja meditation practitioners, guests and friends at La Coupole du Printemps de la Mode in Paris, France. Their landmark “R/EVOLUTION was an unprecedented event sponsored by “coolcheck” in their quest to create a better world through a spiritual rebirth! Mr. Djoken was accompanied by Ms. Theophano Pampaka, from the Paris offices of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA), and number of members of the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs & Centers.
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Coolcheck is a worldwide movement of young dedicated change-makers from different background. They are committed to use meditation to help make this world a better place. They pride themselves as a group of young passionate people thrilled to share with anyone their discovery of Meditating and how it has dramatically improved their lives.
The night of concerts, conferences, self-realization, dancing and meditation was also promoted as a Tribute to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Her Holiness Shri Mataji who was an activist student aside Mahatma Gandhi during India’s struggle for freedom, maintained that there is an innate spiritual potential within every human being, and it can be spontaneously awakened. She emphasized that this awakening, described as self-realization, cannot be purchased. Money has never been charged, nor will it be, for the experience of self-realization or for the teaching of Sahaja Yoga meditation.
In 2011, Sahaja USA entered into a formal partnership with UNESCO Center for Peace and both institutions have been working toward establishing long-lasting world peace. During the annual UNESCO Center for Peace International Model United Nations Summer Camp held in July, hundreds of participating students from all over the world have benefited from the inner balance and stress-reduction that accompanies the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation provided by Sahaja USA. In June 2012, Sahaja also joined UNESCO Center for Peace in welcoming a number of African First Ladies attending the Center’s First Ladies Youth Infusion Summit near Washington, DC.
During the event, Mr. Djoken expressed his satisfaction to the organizer in there terms” I will forever be grateful to Elisabeth Addad Ortega, Clarisse Monnot and Carole Stora-Calté who have made it possible for me to attend this life changing event. I met incredible people and learned a great deal about the direct and positive impact that Sahaja Yoga Meditation can have in one’s life. Learning about her holiness Shri Mataji life and work and meeting with his grandson was very rewarding to me. I look forward to working even closer with Sahaja Yoga Meditation to help bring about a lasting peace in the world”.
Mr. Djoken added “This current initiative is to be commended and I totally lend my support to the tireless team of young people of Coolcheck who have shown once again that world peace is still very much attainable as long as we all get together and do the right thing. Mr. Mathieu Dennefeld did a fantastic job sharing the possibility for busy people like myself to meditate online.”
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